New dry eye supplement called Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy developed by Dr Michael Lange

18 Jul



Dr Michael Lange has been involved in research and development of nutritional supplements for ocular health for over 20 years.  Over the
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Dr Michael Lange has added 98.3 FM Clearwater as a station that picks up “ask the dr”

4 Mar

IMG_5892Dr Michael Lange can now be heard on 98.3 fm Clearwater Florida. Dr Lange has been hosting a popular live talk show called “ask the dr” on multiple radio networks throughout the country since April 1993 .  98.3 fm is one more of the many stations he can be heard on .  This is a live call in show that discusses the latest in nutrition and eye care . Dr Michael Lange always says “this is for educational purposes only and does not replace an eye exam or medical exam”. Dr Lange founded Lange Eye Care and Associates in March of 1993 and opened 13 locations in Florida .  He sold all of his locations in 2016 to one corporation except The Lange Eye Institute . he sees patients Monday -Thursday at The Lange Eye Institute , call 352 753 4014 for an appointment.



Dr Michael Lange endorses Oasis Tears for dry eyes.

18 Jan



DR. Michael Lange started Lange eye care and Associates March 15 1993. He opened 13 eye care centers in Florida and credits his success to hard work, dedication, sacrifice and nutritional eye care . Dr Michael Lange is an optometric physician and also a certified nutrition specialist. He has developed an extremiely busy geriatric population based eye care practice in The Villages Florida called The Lange Eye Institute. Dr Lange says one thing almost everyone of his patients has in common is dry eye . The Lange Eye Institute and Dr Michael Lange have developed an all natural approach to dry eyes that brings patients from all over the country. Patients are looking for alternative natural cost effective approaches to help their dry eyes instead of expensive drugs and procedures that are promoted strongly in the eye care industry. Dr Michael Lange states we spend time with patients analyzing their diet and looking for food sensitivities , teach lid hygiene, recommend specific supplements that help decrease oxidation and inflammation in the eye and promote a healthier tear film. We teach natural ways of opening the meibomian glands that will also lead to a healthier test film. Dr Lange states the number one fastest way to help a dry eye patient is to recommend the proper lubrication system! This is the fastest way to get dry eye relief. Most patients are buying multiple otc brands of artificial tears that have heavy synthetic preservatives and can actually irritate the eye if used frequently. Dr Lange has tried every type of artificial tear on the market and now recommends The Oasis Tears family of lubricating eye drops. His two favorite are Oasis Tears Plus and the all new Oasis Tears PF in a unique dropper bottle. Oasis tears seem to last much longer than any other brand on the market and actually have an amazing soothing effect on dry eyes. You can purchase Oasis Tears at The Lange Eye Institute , Fortifeye vitamin distribution center in Ocala or go to and order

call for an appointment to see Dr Michael Lange or any of the doctors at The Lange Eye Institute at 352 753-4014


Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida. The Dry Eye Capital!


Dr Michael Lange wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

23 Dec

Dr Michael Lange wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dr Lange wants to thank all of his friends, family and patients for making 2017 one of the best years ever. The Lange family and The Lange Eye Institute wishes the very best to Everyone this holiday season. Let’s make 2018 even better!

Dr Michael Lange wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

23 Nov


This is not a dry eye nutrition article. This is simply Happy Thanksgiving wishes from Dr Michael Lange. Today is a time to spend with family and friends and be thankful for what u have .  Dr Michael Lange takes the entire week off during Thanksgiving to spend with as many family members and friends as possible.  Happy Thanksgiving From Dr Michael Lange and the entire Lange family. Bon appetite!!

Dr Michael Lange and his Natural Dry Eye treatment

15 Oct

Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida, home of the dry eye!

Dr Michael Lange , Optometrist and Certified Nutrition Specialist  has been helping dry eye patients naturally since 1992.   Dr Lange sees patients Monday – Friday at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.  Dr Michael Lange has been involved in the research and development of supplements for eye health since the mid 90s.   His practice consists mainly of glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye patients.  Patients come from all over the country to The Lange Eye Institute for a more natural approach to eye care.  Dr Lange has seen what works and what does not work over the last 25 years for dry eye treatment.  He has developed  a 5 step system that helps a large percentage of dry eye patients  naturally without surgery or medications.  To learn more about Dr Lange and see how to get an appointment at The Lange Eye Institute go to

To read much more detail on Dr Lange’s 5 step natural protocol for dry eyes click on this link


Dry eye vitamins that work by Dr. Michael Lange

1 Jun

Dr Michael Lange host talk show with heavy emphasis on dry eye treatments

23 Apr


Dr Michael Lange has been hosting a non stop syndicated talk show since 1993 all over the globe. This talk show is called “ask the dr”  and it is a live call in show about your eyes and nutrition .  Saturday at 9 am eastern time You can also watch him live on a video broadcast and radio at same time .  Watch at   Some  of Dr Lange’s favorite stations he broadcasts on saturdays 9am eastern time is 1440 am Montgomery ( 8 am), 640 am Atlanta at 9am, 97.3fm sat am at 9am and 820 am Tampa .  The broadcast has a heavy emphasis on natural treatment for dry eye and many other natural approaches to slowing down oxidation and inflammation in the human body and eyes.  This is an extremely popular educational show that the listeners take home some good free advice on anti aging. Where else can u talk directly to a doctor for free ??  Tune in Saturday mornings for “ask the dr”.  Call toll free if u have a question for Dr Michael Lange at 866 503 9746. This show is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam or medical exam .  You can learn more about Dr Lange at and watch all of his recent videos




Dr Michael Lange top 250 innovative ODs.

23 Nov

Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida, home of the dry eye!

What is the PCON 250? Simply stated, it is a list of optometrists who practice progressively, provide innovative patient care, conduct optometric research or excel in academia and share what they have learned with other optometrists to advance the profession.  Dr Michael Lange founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and The Lange Eye Institute is on the  PCON 250.  Dr Lange is also the founder of Fortifeye Vitamins , Blue Light Defense/ Blue Light Shield  and Parris Optics International. . Dr Lange is involved in the R&D of supplements for total body and eye health.  He sees patients 5 days a week at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.  He is a radio personality and has been hosting his own live call in talk show called “ask the dr” non stop since April 1993 and can be heard all over the globe.  The Lange Eye Institute is a total wellness center incorporating  many disciplines of health all under one roof.  Currently The Lange Eye Institute has Optometry and Ophthalmology specializing in cataract surgery, retinal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cornea surgery, nutritional eye care, low vision, specialty contact lens, optical, medical eye care, pediatric to geriatric.  The Lange Eye Institute also has chiropractic, naturalpathic, dentistry, podiatry, hearing, and fellowship trained  docs in anti aging. Learn more at or or

Fortifeye Family of products

Lange Eye Institute in The Villages offers the latest in Cataract Surgery

30 Aug

The Lange Eye Institute for Cataract surgery in The Villages

Lange Eye Institute for cataract surgery.

If you have been considering cataract surgery in The Villages then you may want to consider coming to The Lange Eye Institute.  The Lange Eye Institute has the very latest state of the art eye care center for surgical, medical, optical and nutritional eye care.  The Institute has both primary eye care physicians ( board certified optometric physicians ) and Ophthalmologists.  Patients from all over the country come to The Lange Eye Institute  for their expertise in  nutritional eye care and traditional medical and surgical eye care.  Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures done at The Lange Eye Institute and all of the latest technology is utilized to get the most accurate results possible.  All of the surgeons  at  the institute have done 1000s of surgical procedures ranging from cataracts, glaucoma, oculoplastic and retina.  A lot of time is taken with each patient to determine what…

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