Dr Michael Lange host talk show with heavy emphasis on dry eye treatments

23 Apr


Dr Michael Lange has been hosting a non stop syndicated talk show since 1993 all over the globe. This talk show is called “ask the dr”  and it is a live call in show about your eyes and nutrition .  Saturday at 9 am eastern time You can also watch him live on a video broadcast and radio at same time .  Watch at http://www.newstalkflorida.com   Some  of Dr Lange’s favorite stations he broadcasts on saturdays 9am eastern time is 1440 am Montgomery ( 8 am), 640 am Atlanta at 9am, 97.3fm sat am at 9am and 820 am Tampa .  The broadcast has a heavy emphasis on natural treatment for dry eye and many other natural approaches to slowing down oxidation and inflammation in the human body and eyes.  This is an extremely popular educational show that the listeners take home some good free advice on anti aging. Where else can u talk directly to a doctor for free ??  Tune in Saturday mornings for “ask the dr”.  Call toll free if u have a question for Dr Michael Lange at 866 503 9746. This show is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam or medical exam .  You can learn more about Dr Lange at http://www.drmichaellange.com and watch all of his recent videos https://m.youtube.com/user/OcularHealth





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