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Fast Safe Weight Loss with Fortifeye Vitamins

7 Aug

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How to loose weight quickly and safely by Dr Michael Lange 

Obesity is an epidemic in America and it is a root cause for many diseases.  If you are over weight it increases your risk of general  health problems and ocular disease. Macular degeneration , dry eye,  retinopathy  and glaucoma are all more prevalent in the over weight populations.  Our nation is consuming calorie dense nutrient deficient overly processed foods that are filled with harmful antibiotics, pesticides  and hormones.  To add fuel to the fire we are becoming more sedimentary and lazy.  Loosing weight is simple math, you  must burn more calories than u consume. For every 3500 calories less you intake or burn is equivalent to one pound of weight.  I have developed a system that is simple and works quite well. This system uses the highest quality nutrients available and is not based on any stimulants that will speed up your metabolism and potentially cause other health issues.  I believe if you keep it simple then everyone can follow this and get the results you need.

Our largest meal  traditionally in most Americans is supper and this should be our smallest meal.  A typical supper may consist or spaghetti and meat balls, 2 slices of french bread with butter,  salad with oil and vinegar, glass of sweet tea  and a red wine or cold beer  followed by  desert.  This meal will have between 2500-2700 calories depending on how much u eat. U can easily see that one meal could actually be much higher in calories than this depending on what you eat and how much.

My simple system consists of taking one scoop or Fortifeye Super Protein and one scoop of Fortifeye Blue Green Super food combined with two cups of spring water or well water and gently blending or shaking.  Drink this and take one Fortifeye Super Omega with the shake and one at bedtime . New science indicates  1.5mg- 2mg of omega 3 fish oil enhances weigh loss by increasing fat metabolism.   This combination will give you 20 grams of the highest bio-available whey protein concentrate from grass-fed New Zealand A2 cows with only 120 calories,  a combination of 12 FODMAP free fruits and vegetables  with only 25 calories and  all the omega 3 fatty acids u needs with 12 calories. This is a complete  meal replacement that  has only 157 calories , 3 carbohydrates, 1 gram of sugar and 3.9 grams of fat.  You are getting everything you need for a complete nutrient packed  meal in one drink. The Blue green superfood was made with fruits and vegetables that do not aggravate  Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  If you drink this every day as a replacement for your supper and you were eating the typical american supper you will loose between 4 and 5 pounds per week by following this one simple meal replacement and everything else remains the same in your life.  Once you start the program you will see it is easy to follow. New studies indicate a good whey protein will actually decrease hunger urges and curb your appetite making it easier to follow the plan. This whey protein concentrate will also make u feel better by stimulating the production of your master antioxidant called glutathione.  learn more about Fortifeye super Protein at  www.newzealandwheyproteinconcentrate.com

If you  add a little cardio exercise a half hour a day by biking, walking, swimming , in line skating, elliptical, tread mill or stationary bike you can easily burn and additional 200-400 calories daily. which could  equal another pound of weight loss per week. I also recommend a half hour of sun a day between noon and 2 pm without sun screen to get adequate Vitamin D. Several studies have confirmed a link between vitamin D deficiency and belly fat.  So by getting a little bit of a sun tan it may actually help with the weight loss and make you  look healthier at the same time.

I have 100s of patients that have lost significant amounts of weight safely  by following this simple meal replacement protocol and are healthier today because of this.  This was developed to work well with diabetics, celiac, IBS  and people following the paleo or low carb diet.

You have to have the will power to loose the weight for this to work and you can not eat anything after you have your drink for supper. Only drink water after the Fortifeye  combination and you will see the pounds come off of you very quickly.  Learn more about these 3 Fortifeye products discussed at www.fortifeye.com

I also recommend for Breakfast and lunch following a paleo meal plan.  I always recommend discussing your weight loss goals  with your physician  and  following up with your personal physician as needed.  Drink to your health!!

Michael Lange OD, CNS



Michael Lange OD develops new Super Dry Eye Kit

25 Sep

Michael Lange OD has been helping patients with dry eyes naturally for over two decades. Dr. Lange has taken all of his years of experience and put together into what he calls the Super Dry Eye Kit. This Kit was developed for patients with moderate to marked dry eyes that havent gotten the relief they want from traditional dry eye treatments. Michael Lange OD, CNS uses the combination of nutrition, heat, proper lid hygiene and good lubricating eye drops to help alleviate the signs and symptoms of dry eyes. The Super Dry Eye Kit contains everything including a detailed article on nutrition for dry eyes in a pre pacckaged kit. call Fortifeye Vitamins at 866 503 9746 to order or go to http://www.fortifeye.com , to learn more go to this link http://dryeyevitamins.blogspot.com/2013/09/super-dry-eye-kit-developed-by-michael.html
Michael Lange OD, CNS
09/24/2013fortifeye vitamins

Natural treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Blepharitis and Dry eyes by Michael Lange OD, CNS

21 Sep

Blepharitis, Meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eyes all go hand in hand. Treatments that will be discussed will address all three of these conditions. Michael Lange OD, CNS has been involved in the natural treatment of these conditions for over 20 years with great success. Dr. Lange has patients that come to Lange Eye Care and Associates from all over the country to have specific treatments in the clinic and to learn how to treat these conditions naturally. Michael Lange OD, CNS preaches the power of proper nutrition for eye health on the radio waves multiple times during the week and can be heard all over the world. He has been hosting a talk show called “Ask the Dr.” non stop since April of 1993. He has touched the lives of 1000s of listeners over the years by educating them on proper nutrition, lifestyle adjustments and proper supplementation. Dr.Lange is famous for saying “food is medicine”.

Michael Lange OD hosting talk show "Ask the Dr"

Michael Lange OD hosting talks show “Ask the Dr”

Dr. Lange states if his procedures are followed then it is not necessary to be on oral and topical antibiotics or have expensive procedures like lipiflow, meibomian gland probing or IPL laser treatments. Dr. Langes protocol will help meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis, dry eye syndrome and make the entire body healthier. learn more about Lange Eye Care at http://www.langeeyecare.com , Dr. Michael Lange blog at http://www.drmichaellange.com , or nutrtion site http://www.fortifeye.com .
The next link is a comprehensive but short article on the natural treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis and dry eyes. http://dryeyevitaminsbymichaellangeod.blogspot.com/2013/09/michael-lange-od-discusses-natural.html

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