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Omega 3, Astaxanthin and Whey Protein for Dr Eyes discussed be Dr Michael Lange

23 Jun
Fortifeye Super Omega

Fortifeye Super Omega

Dr Michael Lange discusses Omega 3 , Astaxanthin and Non denatured whey protein concentrate for dry eyes.

Dr Michael Lange has been involved in nutritional eye care for over 20 years. He has also been involved in Research and Development of nutritional supplements for the eye care industry. Dr Michael Lange is an Optometrist as well as a Certified Nutritional Specialist and he is the founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates , The Lange Eye Institute and Fortifeye Vitamins.   In 2016 The Lange Eye Institute became  a ” Dry Eye Center of Excellence” . On a daily basis Dr Lange  discusses nutritional supplementation, dietary changes and life style changes to his patients with macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. The typical patient Dr Lange sees is 78 yo with macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes and a host of systemic illnesses. Dr Lange sees remarkable improvements in ocular health and general health once his patients make these changes he discusses with them.

Dry eye is one of the most common problems patients are plagued with. Dry eye is one ocular condition that can be helped dramatically with proper diet, life style changes and proper supplementation. Dr Lange says there are five things he preaches to his dry eye patients and to his radio listeners on his syndicated talk show “ask the dr”. These five dry eye rules will help just about everyone: 1. Clean the lids, 2. Heat the lids 3. Nutrify the glands  4. Lubricate the eye  5. Hydrate the body. If patients would follow these five steps virtually all dry eye would disappear.

This article is going to expand on nitrification of  the glands. Most Americans are deficient in Omega 3. Most Americans have an omega index of less than 4. The omega index must be over 8 to gain the heart health benefits of omega 3. The omega index is the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 in the blood. Too much omega 6 creates inflammation. An omega index over 8 is a therapeutic level. Dr Lange developed a Triglyceride form Omega 3 fish oil called Fortifeye Super Omega that in blood studies has proven to bring the omega index in patients under 250 lbs to between 9.2-11 in a two per day dosing. Dr Lange has also used two per day dosing of this fish oil for dry eye patients with great success. Dry eye Syndrome is an inflammatory condition that responds well to the anti inflammatory effects of two per day dosing of Fortifeye Super Omega. The goal is to get a therapeutic dose of omega 3 in just two capsules economically. Fortifeye Vitamins sells Fortifeye Super Omega for $27 for 60 gel caps making it the most cost-effective purest Triglyceride form Omega 3 in the industry. Most competitor omega 3 fish oils you can buy OTC have very low levels of Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) and are an inferior less bio available form called ethyl ester fish oil. Fortifeye Vitamins and Dr Lange recommend starting off with four Fortifeye Super Omega for the first week and then as long as you weigh less than 240 lbs staying on two per day continuously. Anyone over 250 lbs should use 2 – 4 Fortifeye Super Omega daily to help reduce the signs and symptoms of dry eye. Omega 3 fish oil is rapidly becoming the standard of care as the treatment of Dry eyes. Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation in the Meibomian glands and allows for a much healthier tear film. Omega 3 also helps to reduce surface inflammation on the cornea. Omega 3 for dry eye is one of the most important steps to becoming symptom free.

Two more nutritional steps that  work synergistically with tg form omega 3 fish oil at reducing  dry eye signs and symptoms are  the addition of 6 mg of astaxanthin and  drinking a non denatured whey protein concentrate from year round grass fed A2 cows.   Astaxanthin is the more powerful than lutein or zeaxanthin at quenching  free radicals and is also one of the most powerful natural anti inflammatory nutrients.   Astaxanthin crosses the blood retinal barrier and actually makes it to the  eye.  Astaxanthin  when combined with  omega 3  increases its absorption and benefits.  Astaxanthin also improves  ciliary muscle functioning ability and thus improves amplitude of accommodation reducing eye fatigue from prolong near point tasks.   Fortifeye Focus is a combination of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and 6 mg of astaxanthin.  There is now ample evidence that the blue violet light from the sun and from man made light and  digital apps is harmful to the eye !  The combination of these 3 carotenoids also acts as an internal and external   uv / blue violet light filtering mechanism .  Dr Lange has seen many dry eye patients gain further benefit with the addition of one Fortifeye Focus gel cap per day.Fortifeye Focus with 6 mg astaxanthin and 6 mg lutein and 400 mcg zeaxanthin

The addition of a non denatured year round grass fed whey protein concentrate from A2 cows milk is a great way to jump start the immune system.  One of the largest nutritional deficiencies found in dry eye and macular degeneration patients  found through intracellular blood analysis at The Lange Eye Institute was Glutathione.  The best way to eliminate Glutathione deficiencies is by drinking a good  non denatured whey protein concentrate.  This type of whey protein concentrate is very high in CLA, lactoferrin and covalent bonded cysteine.  These three nutrients are often times lacking in the typical American diet.  Many patients experience  more energy, more stamina, better muscle tone and reduced dry eye symptoms after a few months of supplementing with this type of protein.  learn more about the science of  a protein called Fortifeye Super Protein at  www.newzealandwheyproteinconcentrate.com



13 step Dry eye protocol outlined by Michael Lange Optometric Physician and Nutrition Specialist.

18 Apr
Dry eye kit.

Dry eye kit.

Dr. Michael Lange has used a natural approach for treating dry eye patients since 1992 with great success at the 9 Lange Eye care Centers in Florida. If the 13 steps are followed that are outlined below many dry eye patients will improve and become healthier as a result.

1. Follow an Organic , Paleo Gluten free diet. This is an anti inflammatory diet that will help dry eye conditions. Adjustment in diet is crucial for overall good health and especially good for patients with dry eye syndrome.

2. Take Fortifeye Super Omega 2 times a day if under 240 lbs and 3-4 times a day if over 240 lbs. Triglyceride form omega three when used continuously in the right dosage is very effective at helping to decrease dry eye symptoms. This form of omega three helps to reduce inflammation in the meibomian glands and allow for a healthier secretion of the outer lipid layer of the tear film. Fortifeye Super Omega is being used by 1000s of patients for dry eyes.

3. Drink half your body weight in ounces of spring water or good well water. Do not drink reverse osmosis or distilled water due to high acidity and low mineral content.  However you can make your distilled or reverse osmosis water good by chopping up a few lemons into a quart  of water in a glass container and then add a tbs of pink sea salt,  Drink 2 glasses of coconut water a day, Coconut water hydrates well and is a good source of potassium. If You are potassium deficient then dry eye gets worse. Do not drink sodas or diet sodas. Sodas are empty calories containing 100% calories in sugar! Just one small 12 0z soda has 40 grams of sugar!! This will add to dry eye symptoms. It is actually beneficial to drink one cup of organic coffee for dry eyes. However more than one cup acts like a diuretic. If you drink more than one cup of coffee then you must increase your water content by 3 cups of good water per every cup of coffee over one.

4. Take one Fortifeye Focus gel cap. The Astaxanthin in Fotifeye Focus acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and the root cause of dry eyes is inflammation! Astaxanthin also helps to eliminate dry,tired eye symptoms. Astaxanthin is an amazing nutrient that has multiple ocular and overall health benefits.

5. Take Fortifeye Complete Once Daily if weight is 160 or less, Take Fortifeye Complete Plus if weight is between 160-240, Take Fortifeye Complete macular Defense if weight is over 240 lbs. This regiment of supplements will insure you do not have a nutritional deficiency and will help reduce inflammation.

6. Use Cinnamon and curcumin/ turmeric as spices on foods. These spices are super anti oxidants and also reduce inflammation.

7. Hot compresses 3 times a day for 10 minutes while massaging the lids. These compresses will help to clear the blocked meibomian glands that secrete the crucial outer lipid layer of the tear film. My favorite way to bring heat to the lids is the Bruder Mask! Bruder mask is similar to a sleep mask but has medibeads inside that u heat for 20 seconds in the microwave then just put the mask on and relax. The mask retains the heat for ten minutes and isnt messy. The mask will last a year easily and retails for about $25.

8. Use Oasis tears or Blink Preservative free in alternation with Retaine lubricating eye drops four to eight times a day depending on severity. This combination has been found to work best clinically ,the combination helps to replenish all three layers of the tear film. Oasis tears plus and Blink Preservative Free also contains hyluranic acid that acts as a natural mild anti-inflammatory.

9. Remember to blink plenty of times a day especially while working on the computer. Dry eye symptoms worsen when blink reflex is lessened.

10. Turn off ceiling fan while sleeping at night or wear a sleep mask. Wear good wrap sunglasses while in the wind and sun like oakley, costa del mar, wiley x or mau jim or something similar.

11. A nutrient that can be added to the extreme dry eye cases is GLA from black currant seed oil at 140-160 mg a day. This can stimulate Series 1 prostaglandins that is tear specific.

12. Proper lid hygiene is crucial for dry eye treatment. Scrub eye lashes well with a lid scrub foam (occusoft) 1-2 times a day, am and pm. Proper lid hygiene with lid scrubs will remove the bacterial, allergic and viral flora that tends to accumulate along the lid margins and clog the miebomian glands. If you have red, inflammed itchy eye lids that just want go away sometimes this could be related to a parasite called demodex. You will need diluted tea tree oil to the lids or a commercially available lid wipe called cliradex. Demodex can take 1-2 months to clear up with these wipes.

13.  The final and most recent addition to Dr  Langes Dry eye protocol is to consume a non denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand A2 cows.  These are cows that are fed grass all year round and this gives the correct omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in this type of protein that helps to fight inflammation in the body and eyes. A non denatured whey protein concentrate is the best way to stimulate glutathione which is the “master antioxidant” in the body. Studies are now revealling patients with dry eye may be deficient in glutathione.  Also dry eye patients  may  have a deficiency of lactoferrin in their tears.  A non denatured grass fed whey protein concentrate is a great way to get more lactoferrin to the body and the eyes.  Fortifeye Super Protein is one of the most advanced proteins that fills all of these requirements. Mix one scoop in a blender with your favorite fruits and vegetables along with milk or a juice and drink to your health.  learn more about the immune boosting qualities of Fortifeye Super Protein at : www.newzealandwheyproteinconcentrate.com

Dr. Michael Lange Optometric Physician and nutrition specialist says to follow the advise of your optometrist or ophthalmologist when it comes to dry eye treatment. The information in the article is to be used as educational info and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam and dry eye workup. There are prescription medications and procedures that can be done to help alleviate dry eye as well. Dr. Michael Lange has been using proper nutrition and natural approaches to help his patients since 1992 with considerable success. Go to Dr. Langes pinterest site on dry eye to learn more http://pinterest.com/drmichaellange/
Any of the products discussed in the article can be purchased through Fortifeye Vitamins from the website http://www.fortifeye.com or call 866 503 9746

Dry Eye Nutrition discussed by Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist

29 Dec

Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida. The Dry Eye Capital!

Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida. The Dry Eye Capital!

Dr. Michael Lange optometrist and certified nutrition specialist has been using the latest in nutrition for dry eye patients for many years. He has determined what dry eye nutrition protocol works best for his patients through years of clinical practice. Dr. Lange very rarely uses any traditional medication to help his dry eye patients. Dry eye symptoms will very from person to person but most will experience eyes that feel sandy, gritty, burn, tear, itch, fluctuation in vision, glare at night, frequent eye infections and red eyes. Most of these dry eye patients are using multiple otc and prescription eye drops that are costly and not very effective. First of all the typical American diet needs a dramatic overhaul. Most Americans are eating a diet that is high in calories and depleted of vitamins and minerals. The typical American is eating an omega six diet that creates inflammation in the body that can lead to inflammatory conditions like dry eye syndrome. The fastest treatment for dry eyes is the use of a good unpreserved artificial lubricant like oasis tears plus two to eight times per day depending on the severity of the dry eye. Proper lid hygiene is also crucial and when done correctly is very effective treatment for dry eyes. Warm compress to the eye for ten minutes three times a day while massaging the lid margins will help to break down the blocked Meibomian glands that will worsen a dry eye. Lid scrubs once or twice a day with occusoft lid scrub foam will help to eliminate the bacterial and viral flora that blocks the Meibomian glands. The addition of a new preservative free artificial tear called Retaine 10-15 minutes after the oasis tears will help severe dry eyes. The combination of oasis tears plus and retaine works well together to help improve the symptoms of the dry eye patient. Oasis tears and Retaine can be purchased at http://www.fortifeye.com
Fortifeye water is a high ph mineral water coming from Orange Springs Florida, uv, microfiltered and ozonated in a Bispheol free bottle.

Fortifeye water is a high ph mineral water coming from Orange Springs Florida, uv, microfiltered and ozonated in a Bisphenol free bottle.

Most people are not getting the required amount of fluids to stay hydrated. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of filtered or spring water is necessary to insure the body isnt dehydrated according to Dr. Michael Lange optometrist and nutrition specialist with Lange Eye Care in Ocala Florida. Dr. Lange states to stay away from large amounts of distilled or reverse osmosis water do to the lack of minerals and the high acidity of the water. He recommends drinking bottled spring water or well water that has been purified with a carbon filter and uv system. Dr. Lange states it is ok to drink a few cups of coffee , studies prove that small amounts of caffeine is actually good for dry eyes. Two cups of coffee should be the maximum then substitute with a good organic green and white tea. Drink the green tea in the am and early afternoon and switch to white tea later in the day. The white tea has nutrients in the tea that helps relaxation. Coconut water is one of the best ways to hydrate naturally and gain some valuable electrolytes. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage that is the “fluid of life”. Coconut water is also very high in potassium and some studies indicate that a potassium deficiency may aggravate a dry eye. Stay away from colorful sugary sports drinks do to the potential endocrine disruption that may occur from the synthetic dyes and bisphenols that are in the plastic bottles.

Paleo diet, wild Alaskan salmon, organic green beans, organinc salad

Paleo diet, wild alaskan salmon, organinc green beans, organic salad

Dr. Michael Lange stresses the importance of dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments to help curb the inflammatory cascade in our bodies. He recommends patients go on a gluten-free, organic, Paleo diet and try to get six to seven hours of good sleep. Sleep deprivation and being overweight are two contributing factors to elevated inflammatory markers in the blood. Dr. Lange states that if patients would simply follow this diet and sleep recommendations as strictly as possible a good portion of dry eye related symptoms would resolve. Patients will start to get down to their ideal body weight and their blood chemistries will start improving. Dr. Lange also recommends adding some specific nutrients to this dietary lifestyle adjustment. Adding Triglyceride form Omega 3 in a ratio fo EPA 860 and DHA of 580 (Fortifeye Super Omega) daily combined with 6mg of astaxanthin, 4mg of lutein and a zeaxanthin (fortifeye focus) daily to this lifestyle dietary change will benefit dry tired eyes. These two supplements are designed to be taken together to improve the bio availability of each. Patients must give this three to four months to take full effect. Most of these patients will also experience many other health benefits related to these supplements. Some of these benefits include improved skin health, less fine lines and wrinkles in the face, improvement in cholesterol, triglycerides and c-reactive protein, improved muscle endurance and muscle recovery,improved circulation to the eye, sun protection to the skin and eyes and improved focusing and accommodation of the visual system.

Dry eye nutrition has become one of Dr. Michael Lange’s areas of passion and he is continuously involved in ongoing research in this area. Dry eye nutrition is also an area that Optometrists and ophthalmologists are starting to discuss with their patients. Large amounts of continuing education is being taught at the conferences to eye care providers in this area. If you want to learn more about dry eye nutrition and u live in Florida come to any of the nine Lange Eye care locations. to learn more about Dry eye nutrition. go to http://www.fortifeye.com to learn more about Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and Lange Eye Care go to http://www.langeeyecare.com, http://www.drmichaellange.com and to learn even more on nutrition for total body wellness go to http://www.dr-michael-lange-optometrist.com

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