Meta Gaming supplements for an additional edge is crucial for serious gamers

27 Nov

if you are a gamer then you need to read this. Gaming can be hard on the visual system. Meta supplements or meta vitamins for gaming is becoming a big industry. Be proactive now so you wont have potential eye problems later in ife.

Natural Dry Eye Treatment

Fortifeye Focus the ultimate gamer supplement

Today gaming has become even more popular than when Dr Michael Lange started gaming in the 80s. Gamers sit in front of multiple computer screens for hrs and sometimes days at a time. These digital screens create an enormous amount of visual strain and fatigue. The digital screens also emit a damaging high intensity spectrum of blue light that can cause harm to the retina . Dr Lange created Fortifeye Focus , a triple carotenoid that supports the health of the retina from the damaging blue light by increasing macular pigment density. The exact ratio and brand of carotenoids used in many clinical studies is used in Fortifeye Focus. These nutrients also enhance the focusing ability of the eyes and reduces eye fatigue related to prolonged computer and screen time. Fortifeye Focus has become the go to supplement for gamers around the world. Gaming…

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