Best pre and post recovery fuel called Fortifeye Fit

13 Sep

time to join the Fit Revolution with Dr Michael Langes with Fortifeye Fit!!!

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist talks Nutrition

If you are looking for the best pre and post recovery fuel then look no further.  Dr Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins under their Performance Nutrition line developed the ultimate muscle fuel called Fortifeye Fit. Naturally sweetened and flavored delicious powder that instantly dissolves and mixes in water. It was developed with the exact clinically studied amounts of evidence based ingredients used in many sports nutrition studies. Fortifeye Fit eliminates the need for multiple supplements and powders for your pre and post workout. Fortifeye Fit was developed to nutritionally support and enhance muscle synthesis, strength and endurance with only one supplement. It is the first of its type that also brings nutritional support to the ligaments, tendons, joints and skin while promoting a powerful immune system. The ingredients in Fortifeye Fit have been clinically studied for the ability to decrease sarcopenia (muscle wasting) and neuro degenerative diseases. This revolutionary…

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