Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy developed by Dr Michael Lange

12 Feb

Dr Michael Lange of The Lange Eye Institute has been involved in research and development of Eye supplements for many years. He has an extremely busy dry eye practice in The Villages Florida. He has been using multiple combinations of supplements over the years to help alleviate dry eye symptoms in his patients. Dr Michael Lange has been working for many years on a formula called Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy. This new formula takes omega 3, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and black currant seed oil in a specific ratio that helps the dry eye patient. There are numerous studies proving the benefits of these nutrients for the dry eye sufferer. Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy is now available at Www.fortifeye.comat133E046D-4BBF-4FB7-8CB5-6E8937DB8F0C.png


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