Clearwater eye care has a new Lange Eye Care Nutrition Center.

14 Mar

Now u have a place in Clearwater u can go to get all your dry eye needs.

Clearwater Eye care

A brand new concept for Clearwater eye care has emerged thanks to Dr Michael Lange of Lange Eye Care and Associates.  Dr Michael Lange is an optometric physician as well as a certified nutrition specialist and opened the Lange Eye and Nutrition Center in Clearwater on March 1 2015.  This Clearwater eye care center offers the latest in nutritional eye care and also has an all organic coffee bar, smoothie bar and vitamin shop all under one roof. The vitamins are evidence based supplements created by doctors for doctors offices these supplements you can not purchase in a typical vitamin shop.  Dr Lange feels nutritional eye care is the wave of the future.  So many eye problems can be helped through proper nutrition and proper supplementation.  Dr Lange has been involved in nutritional research for over 20 years and has brought all of his experience to this Clearwater eye care…

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