Dr Michael Lange expands Oculoplastics in Ocala

22 Feb

John LiVecchiMD and Michael Lange OD

John LiVecchiMD and Michael Lange OD

Dr Michael Lange an Optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates has recently hired John LiVecchi MD. Dr LiVecchi is the Director of Oculoplastics for Lange Eye Care. John LiVecchi MD has an excellent reputation as one of the top Oculoplastic surgeons in the country. Dr LiVechhi is an expert in reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures of the face. Dr Michael Lange says the Ocala and The Villages area has had a need for a good full time Oculoplastic surgeon in the area. If you would like to see Dr LiVecchi in Ocala call 352 237 3768 or The Villages call 352 753 4014.


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